Scout Out Website
Web Design, Front End Development, Digital Marketing
I designed several custom Wordpress themes for websites including and I also created all the media assets on the sites including the logos, videos, header images and mockups.

The websites utilize analytics to track conversions for remarketing. Combined with the service HotJar, I have been able to record videos of all user interactions on the websites and optimize call-to-action placement and conversion rate.

Fun fact:
In completely bootstrapped fashion, the subscription form on integrates with MailChimp as a mailing list manager, but in order to send the user an initial email when he/she signs up, I used Zapier to link the MailChimp API with the SendGrid API (which is a mailservice provider). This way, SendGrid is what actually mails the user an introductory email, which bypasses any MailChimp fees.

You can visit the Scout Out website using the link below: