YMEF Concert Video Series
Video Production, Color Correction, Sound Recording, Mixing & Mastering
I was the technical director for the non-profit, Youth Music Education Foundation, which is an organization that helps kids get scholarships for music programs. With the YMEF team, we produced a series of live concerts events and videos in order to promote the organization. We booked the bands and venues and then promoted the events through our university networks and flyering.

On the day of the events, I recorded the audio using a multitrack interface directly from the soundboard. Simultaneously, I recorded video on a DSLR and directed other videographers to capture multiple angles. I also did all the post production for both audio and video, which included: mixing, mastering, video editing and color correction. The entire project spanned 4 concerts with over 30 individual video clips.
I also came up with the pre-roll intro and the YMEF jingle you hear at the end.

Some of the videos are included in this section.

You can check out the YMEF official website below.